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Private Investigator Training HQ

Begin your career here!

You will find each States entrance requirements and essential detail to work as a qualified Private Investigator.

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Private Investigator Training HQ

Private Investigator Training Australia

So you want to become a Private Investigator? I hope that you have put a lot of thought into your decision. If so then you have made a wise choice and could have a very rewarding career as a Private Investigator. If not then you will fail when the going gets tough. It will get tough sitting long hours in your vehicle during a hot summers day conducting surveillance. Some jobs can be a long and tedious but also are very rewarding in the end.

Here at Private Investigator Training HQ you will learn the basic procedures of working as a Private Investigator first. The the articles will become more advanced. Ensure that you learn the basics first so that you don't make stupid mistakes that will reduce your chances of having steady employment.

You will have to complete the Certificate III in Investigative Services which is available through TAFE Institutions and privately run approved courses. Once you have passed the course then you can obtain your Investigator licence. Then and only then can you even think about looking for employment.

Private Investigator

“A Private Investigator works on behalf of another person or company to obtain and acquire information as to the personal character or actions of any person or can be employed to search for missing persons. Work is mainly generated by the investigation of suspected insurance fraud and location of missing persons. Most Private Investigators are usually self-employed and work with other Investigators when needed”.

Factual Investigator

Factual Investigators conduct investigations for clients usually an Insurance company or Lawyer, and prepare evidence for court proceedings. They also collect facts through interviews, statements, documents and other physical evidence, they don't conduct surveillance.

Surveillance Investigator

Surveillance Investigators conduct surveillance for clients which are usually Insurance company's (Workcover Insurance) and prepare a detailed report of the surveillance conducted. They discreetly obtain video or photographic evidence and gather information of the subject of an investigation.

Surveillance is one area that any new Investigator has to become skilled at quickly or they wont be in a job very long it takes time but this is one area where you'd better get up to speed quickly.

Learn surveillance techniques how to react when your subject departs on foot or by vehicle, stay calm and don't feel that you have been busted all the time learn their habits do they drive in the slow or fast lane all the time, do they regularly check their side mirror these are just a few examples if it is normal behaviour for your subject then you shouldn't become paranoid if they are driving in the slow lane or always check their side mirror the list goes on and only with experience will it all become second nature to an experienced investigator.

There is so much that you have to learn if you want to have a successful career as a Private Investigator. You need to make your actions like second nature as most often there is no time to stop and think. You also need to react quickly to the situation if not you will look unnatural not relaxed and will get burnt by your subject, then you will fail in your quest to become a Private Investigator.

The good news is if you have what it takes you should be able to get up to speed quickly and most of what you do will become second nature. Don't think that you can relax in regard to your investigator training as you will need to fine tune all of what you have learnt to suit your style of working. Find out what works for you in any given situation and go with it.

Many Private Investigators enter the occupation after working in the police or the defence force but don't let that stop you as there are many successful Private Investigators that have come from other occupations.

Duties and tasks a Private Investigator may perform:

Personal requirements:

A Private Investigator needs to be of sound character with no criminal or other convictions that would prevent him/her from getting a Private Investigators licence.

If you’re still interested and have been totally honest with yourself that you have what it takes then the next step is learn how to become a Private Investigator. Firstly start by completing the Private Investigator Course in your state and the rest will just fall into place. Good Luck.

Find the Private Investigator Requirements to obtain a licence in your state via the links on the Investigator Course Page.