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Private Investigator Training HQ

Begin your career here! You will find each States entrance requirements and essential detail to work as a qualified Private Investigator.

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Training Course

Private Investigator Training

Certificate III in Investigative Services

The Certificate III in Investigative Services offers the skills and knowledge required to plan and conduct investigations, co-ordinate investigative work teams, undertake surveillance or factual investigation, and apply the legal requirements of private investigation to your practical work.

Completion of this course will give you the minimum requirement to obtain a licence in your state within Australia.

Once you have your licence you can continue your investigator training whilst you are looking for a job. Before even thinking of enrolling in Certificate III in Investigative Services read through the job description and personnel requirements to ensure it’s something that you really want to pursue and are capable of doing the tasks of a Private Investigator.

Have a look at the links for your state and see what personal requirements you need have before your try and enrol in the course.

Requirements can vary slightly from state to state.

Private Investigator Training Course.


Course code: CPP30607

BSBFLM303C        Contribute to effective workplace relationships

BSBWOR301A       Organize personal work priorities and development

CPPSEC3001A       Maintain workplace safety in the security industry

CPPSEC3009A       Prepare and present evidence in court

CPPSEC3012A       Store and protect information

CPPSEC3026A       Work effectively in investigative services

CPPSEC3027A       Develop investigative plan

CPPSEC3028A       Compile investigative report

CPPSEC3029A       Provide quality investigative services to clients

CPPSEC3030A       Conduct surveillance

CPPSEC3031A       Organize and operate a surveillance vehicle

CPPSEC3032A       Gather information by factual investigation

CPPSEC3033A       Conduct interviews and take statements

CPPSEC3034A       Operate information gathering equipment

FNSMERCA304B     Locate subjects

Subjects and prerequisites can vary between institutions, you should contact your chosen institution for further information.

Whilst attending the course Certificate III in Investigative Services this would be a good time to start obtaining the equipment required to perform your duties as a Private Investigator.

State Requirements

NSW /ACT - Sydney

Victoria - Melbourne

South Australia - Adelaide

Queensland - Brisbane

Tasmania - Hobart

Western Australia - Perth

Northern Territory - Darwin